VRacious - Liar's Brew (Game)

Article / 11 April 2019

Liar's Brew was a VR game for the HTC Vive that I worked on our team VRacious. The game was made in UE4 and our team had a total of 18 contributors (9 artists, 6 tech/design, 3 sound). I was the Art Producer and Tech Artist on the team. I was in charge of communicating all art tasks from the tech team to the art team, anything shader/vfx/lighting related, and helping our producer.

Liar's Brew Premise!

You are a student trying to pass your final exams by any means necessary. You can collect notes or cheat. You just have to try to pass.

Below I have my demo reel for the tech art things I worked on, screenshots of other work, and the trailer of the game.

See the process and break down of this Emote Shader here