WIP - Conservatory
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View 01

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View 02

Rian owens fountainv01

Highpoly fountain front

Rian owens fountainv02

Highpoly fountain back

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Modular Set

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Modular Set breakdown

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Notes / Breakdown / Concept

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Notes / Breakdown

Rian owens prj450 prjb ref i02

Notes / Breakdown

I am currently working on a conservatory/greenhouse. This is what I have done so far along with some of the notes and break downs. I only have screenshots of normals as of right now as many things do not have textures or have place holder textures as I have been focusing on the modular set and the hero prop (fountain). All foliage I have done myself either in speed tree or a mix of substance designer and Maya.

More artwork
Rian owens fountainv01Rian owens liondogv04Rian owens liarsbrew v02